Save the date!  Gastronomic festival "Lviv on the Plate" 2015: June

Lviv is woven of legends, tales and myths. They all contain a vast array of stories about the traditions of Lviv cuisine that has been created by the city’s residents — the Ukrainians, the Poles, the Jews, the Armenians, the Greeks, the Russians, the Italians etc. — over numerous centuries. The local cuisine has been preserved and is cherished by Lviv families, in restaurants and during various food events in the city. 

The Gastronomic Festival “Lviv on the Plate” presents a special flavor of dishes of Lviv cuisine and invites to join the revival of culinary traditions in the city of the Lion.

Traditionally, during the Festival at the fair presentation Lviv residents and guests, gourmets, experts and HORECA representatives taste the dishes of Lviv cuisine, traditional beverages and regional seasonal produce, share with family recipes, debate over modern local cuisine and do all this with the traditional Lviv musical accompaniment that creates a special Lviv atmosphere.

As part of the Festival during the Gala Dinner of dishes of Lviv cuisine at a large table in the open air 300 guests and residents of Lviv meet, the best Lviv chefs present food and drinks prepared according to special recipes of Lviv cuisine using products of local producers and to the dishes specially selected beverages are served, interesting discussion about traditions, recipes, features of serving and presenting of dishes to the table are going on.

Gastronomic Festival Map unites Lviv restaurants that serve traditional local dishes by special recipes, thus the Festival covers the whole Lviv!

The Festival is unique as it unites restaurateurs, local food producers, culinary experts and professionals, gourmets for the sake of reviving the local cuisine, finding new recipes, promoting high-quality local produce and improving customer service.

Come and savor the whole Lviv on the Plate!


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